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Just finished watching the hour long premiere of LoK s2 with my sister who missed the majority of season 1, so tell me what you liked and disliked about the first two episodes.  What do you hope for future episodes?  I hope Korra matures as the season goes on and obtains some spirituality. 

Dislikes  (first impressions)
The apparent "everyone wants to rule the world" scenario Korra's uncle seems to have going.  Didn't we do this with the Fire Nation and Amon? 
Korra's Uncle looks like Tarlokk, just older
Mako seems kind of passive
Korra's disrespect for her father and Tenzin
The clip of seeing the first ever avatar's design (looked like a terrible design, I hope I get proven wrong)
Katara not speaking up and having little lines  (some one ask her about her infinite wisdom please!)

(first impressions)
Meeting Boomi and Kaiya
Kaiya looks like an older version of Urd from OhMyGoddess!
The artwork, (has a gaming production style that's nice to see)
Yay Tenzin's fourth kid is born!  (fuck you family guy with your decade long pregnant Bonnie)
That Tenzin's daughter suddenly has a connection to a former Avatar (?)

Future Hopes

This actually has a better story development than season 1
No more broken rules for the sake of progress
Korra's cousins open up and have some sort of personality
Korra meets the spirit Kou the Face Stealer (because he was my favorite spirit)
We'll learn tidbits about the Fire Nation and what happened to Zuko
We learn who Lin Bei Fong's father is (one day, we must learn)
We learn more about Sokka's life (does Tenzin, Boomi and Kaiya have cousins?)
That the origin story of why the Avatar even exists, the history of bending will be explained thoroughly
That the first ever Avatar's back story doesn't suck

During season 1, I thought we were going to explore the history and the reason why bending exists but it never happened and is barely mentioned so I hope it becomes more prominent for Korra to understand this untold history during season 2. 
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Submitted on
September 13, 2013